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Wired takes you into the life of LaDarius Winters a high school football phenom destined for the next level of play.  But when he loses his father, everything he was ever taught by him perishes when LaDarius concludes he wants nothing to do with the game of football anymore. With an arch-nemesis wanting his starting spot, friends, family, and coaches trying to keep him focused on the game he was born to play.

    Wired delivers heartfelt compassion and drama for households and athletes alike. It isn't until LaDarius is visited by the voice of his fathers in an old helmet from the attic, which brings back his desire to fulfill the promise he once made to him. But is it too late?

    Enjoy the emotional twists and turns as he tries to achieve greatness. Embrace the tools provided within the story to help you understand the tools and methods to help a child or young adult in need. Let Wired deliver its Disney feel and enter your heart.

WIRED Soft Cover Book

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