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Frequently Asked Questions

We know there are a lot of questions you may have about our services so we've tried to answer the most frequently below.  IF your question is still unanswered, please fill out the form below and contact us so we can get you the answers you need.  We don't want to prolong any athlete's journey to greatness!


- The cost of the services will always vary between time and what it is you are hoping to achieve.  This is all negotiated during the consultation.  If you haven't booked one, please visit the SERVICES page.

- Payment plans can be arranged if needed.  Some take advantage of paying in full with discounts and perks.

- Every enrollment comes with complementary camp attire, which varies from shirts, hoodies, gloves, etc.


With several coaches to choose from male and female, the options are up to you.  Please keep in mind if a coach is not available, ALL coaches are highly trained and capable of executing the task.  For more information on our staff, please don't hesitate to request.


Although our core element is Football, we have executed training for baseball, basketball, and soccer.  Keep in mind we work with various techniques that are utilized across all areas of sports.  Agility, speed, endurance, etc.  We specialize in the areas needed to get the goal/job accomplished for the athlete.


One of the KEY elements of our training is that the athlete gets a mentor for the duration of the program and well after the program.  We like to ensure athletes are leaving with the core values of RESPECT, EDUCATION, and DISCIPLINE.  Our membership/Program offers off-the-field continued contact with athletes.  No other program offers that.  Inquire about this when you schedule your FREE consult.

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