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   The road to becoming an elite athlete takes more than just physical attributes.  That's why W.I.R.E.D takes a unique approach to strengthening the body and mind to becoming an elite athlete on and off the field.  W.I.R.E.D gives your child the training and a mentor for life...  Or at least as long as you'll have us around.  We want to make sure every step of the journey to becoming a top-tier (Pro) athlete is in the palm of your hands and not your fingertips.  When you attend our clinic or 1 on 1 training, each kid goes home with a WIRED shirt and a bonus gift as a token of our appreciation.


— My Story

    Foster homed at a young age.  Adopted and refused to be a product of my environment, but thrive in my environment to become a better product.  I'm self-made, self-driven but will achieve large-scale success by surrounding myself with those who have a mindset greater than mine.  Let that marinate for a while and when you're ready to cook it, I promise you it will taste divine. 


    I'm a father, veteran, author, designer, entrepreneur, youth mentor, and an all-around great guy.  You can ask around... I'll wait.




    I am the author and Executive Producer of the book & short film WIRED.  It's a great story about overcoming adversity for any youth athlete or person.  Take a sneak peek HERE and grab the book from Amazon!    

    FlikIt FlikIt Football is a tabletop board game I created that has brought TONS of excitement to households and tailgating functions.  Check it out HERE and grab one for the household so you can have a blast at your next game day/night.  

    I'm blessed to work with the Los Angeles Rams organization as a Youth Outreach Coach.  I've been coaching the youth for over 17 years helping them reach their potential for the next level of play.  If you'd like to get your child to the next level, REACH OUT and let's schedule group or 1 on 1 training regimens.  It does not matter the sport, gender or age, we'll get them there!

    Class Power Authority is a stapled brand that represents those that embody those characteristics in day-to-day life.  CHECK IT OUT and if you feel you could become an ambassador of the brand, we'll send you some swag on us!!


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